Instructional Materials




All of the following documents were created by Chuck Beach who founded Rockford Scholastic Chess. These materials are excellent resources for any coach or teacher who's looking for a way to work with students to build their skills of chess from beginner to skilled player.


Use these flashcards to drill students on their knowledge of openings. Each pdf sheet contains a single opening line that players (and coaches) can use to drill memorization of next moves.


Each of the following documents contains a very specific lesson about pieces, checkmates, tactics, openings, and more. Each lesson contains basic information, diagrams, and at least one puzzle for the student to solve with the new information.

Checkmate Worksheets

Each of these worksheets contains 9 diagrams that can be used to test students' knowledge of the basic checkmate patterns

Intermediate Materials

Players should use the Intermediate Skills Checklist to dig deeper into the fundamental skills of chess. As they progress through each item, they can check it off and move on to the next one. All supporting materials are list below.