Chess Websites

The following websites are great resources for online chess play, chess lessons, chess practice, and much more!

LiChess is a FREE online chess website with teaching modules, tactics training, videos, studies, online live play and much more! Join our LiChess Team.

The Chess Network is a fantastic chess player, Jerry, a self-taught National Master from Pennsylvania. He live-streams on Twitch and posts tons of great instructional and analysis videos.

ChessTempo is a great training website where players can log their progress via a database of millions of positions. is a GREAT repository of videos about various chess openings. With a TON of free videos, players can learn an overview of most any opening quickly and easily.

Chessity is a chess training and teaching website specifically designed for coaches, teams, and schools. Chessity has materials for beginners through advanced players.

ChessBites is an online repository of chess games, positions, openings, and players. It's like an encyclopedia for chess online.

The Chess Website is an online repository of hundreds of instructional chess videos, separated by topics such as openings, endgames, traps, puzzles, and more.

Think Like a King was a great chess-teaching software... Now, it's available online at

ChessCafe is an online respository of chess articles and other chess-related writings. Members can download and print thousands of manuals, books, e-books, etc. is an online chess database with millions of games and positions.

Professor Chess is an online repository of a ton of resources... Made several years ago by a chess coach, it remains as a great source of printable chess coach tools.

ChessCademy is an online chess learning website is a wide-ranging chess website with play, tutorials, articles, videos, and much, much more. Users can pay for premium content. is the "kid-friendly" version of It reshapes the UI to be simpler and more directed at helping young players learn the game.

PlyCount is a link to player stats populated from the USCF Player Lookup function. It also contains information about the PlyCounter, an electronic score sheet device